Auctions & Dealers

Having quality images to display the material offered is not a luxury, it is a customer requirement. Presenting the pieces with poor photographs, is like trying to seduce the customer of a store with a dirty and messy shop window.

The numismatic merchants and auction houses find in the numismatic macro photography a differential advantage to compete in the market, since in addition to displaying the product in detail, they have the possibility to send the buyer, along with their piece, a documentary record in Digital format, at no additional cost.

Advantages for sale

Incredible images published on websites, translate into a better perception of brand, seriousness and professionalism

Possibility of sending the pieces sold with their respective documentary record in digital format

Competitive advantage over those that do not offer as a service Macro-photographic image

Making of homogeneous catalogs, both physical and digital.

High resolution images of the pieces to be auctioned allow for a detailed observation

Online publication of all the pieces of the auction, avoiding possible extra inquiries