Cultural Heritage

Documentary photography of cultural heritage is the only tool that, combined with digital media, allows us to work and expose heritage extensively. There are no limits in terms of exhibition space and the great challenge that exists today is to generate information in an accessible, attractive and forceful way.

We all have a greater or lesser degree of awareness about the importance of the cultural heritage that surrounds us and of the responsibility that each of the actors in society has in their maintenance, care and conservation.

What few of us are really clear about is the vastness, in variety and quantity, that implies the cultural heritage of a State, including varied pieces of each historical period and of each discipline that allows us to make cultural maps and draw customs, their development in the present and skills of a certain past.

Both museums, cultural spaces or private collectors, have in their custody, countless parts of each of those puzzles that allow composing and describing a certain historical point in full color.

What was impossible until the present, was to join each part to complete the assembly because the pieces, beyond having been found, unearthed, cared for, preserved and restored, remain hidden; they continue, in some way, existing in total darkness away from the public and researchers.

Solutions of the cultural heritage photography

Clear identification of pieces

Reduction of insurance values

Improvement of security levels

Less need for manipulation

Possibility to share study material with researchers from all over the world

Acmes capacity to details that cannot be observed with the naked eye

Promote the restoration processes of the pieces

Production of virtual exhibitions

Graphic Publication productions

Generation of dissemination material