Numismatics Works

Contact and budget

The works are budgeted individually depending on the location of the collections.

The values ​​are per coin photographed regardless the individual value of it. The reference price is 3 Euros per piece photographed and edited.


We carry out work anywhere in the world. The works are carried out in the place that the collector arranges under the security measures that he considers necessary. And must guarantee a space availability of at least 8 hours a day for 5 days a week.

Execution times

The works can be delivered in daily or weekly partials. The duration of the work is on average 700 numismatic pieces per week.

Minimum quantities

The minimum quantities of the works are of 1,000 pieces and can be combined between the pieces of several collectors of the same locality.

Characteristics of the images

Images are made in a size of 42 MP, 61 MP or 240 MP, these are delivered in JPG files in two sizes one as it was taken and the other adjusted to screen for web publications.

Way to pay

Payments are made in cash, in Euros or Dollars.