Numismatic Collectors

Generating a numismatic collection, in addition to being an exciting challenge, is an intensive investment in time and money. This investment finds its reward in the mere contemplation of an image, and the possibility of analysis and study of the pieces obtained.

Advantages of Numismatic Photography

Approach to the smallest detail of each piece

Production of photo-books, for personal consultation or for researchers

Efficient registration of the collection to claim pieces as your own in case of theft

Makes it possible to share the image for study, sale or quote

Protection of the pieces, since manipulation of the collection is avoided

Indefinite reproduction, without losing the detail with which it was taken

Assembling extensive databases with image support

Undoubtedly, a good image makes a piece more interesting when examined or offered in the market, increasing its sale price.

Our Proposals

Realization of macrophotographs of numismatic pieces in high resolution, with the highest technology

Digital organization and database processing

Editorial design for printing publications

Production in the place where the collection is located