Numismatic Museums

Museums face one of the greatest challenges in history, they are no longer limited by their location and physical space; nor do they limit opening hours to the public. Today the possibility of having the doors open 24 x 7 x 365 is a reality increasingly demanded by the public. The quality and commitment of any institution is measured, among other variables, by its online availability.

Through high-resolution photographs, rendering of pieces using scanner and 360 ° tours of the exhibition halls, the virtual visitor can have access to resources that multiply and increase the numbers of visits to the museum.

On the other hand, it allows restaurateurs to have substantial material in details to work on the collection.

Ease for making thematic catalogs

Online publication capacity for massive public access

Possibility of sharing the image database with collaborators

Possibility of generating a collaborative page, where researchers from all over the world can help catalog the pieces.

Compliance with what was agreed in the 1970 UNESCO Convention, with the 1995 UNIDROIT agreement and the ICOM Code of Ethics

Efficiency by having the material available immediately for printing striking gigantographs when developing numismatic samples.